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The author has something to say: about the problem of expectoration, it is the French girl that the landlord

The author has something to say: about the problem of expectoration, it is the French girl that the landlord knows that told the landlord ~ If there is any problem, please be happy to complain about her ~ The curse of Glamorgan comes from the daily life of the ruler of Britain in the Crusader Kings 2 or Kingdom 2 series narrated by the young sorcerer, Chapter 3. Its intention is to attract a down-and-out nobleman in the game, and give him the Glamorgan territory in the game, make him the Earl of Glamorgan, and then recover the Glamor territory after conquering his native land. However, due to the large number of substitutions by the Earl of Glamorgan, it was criticized by netizens as the curse of Glamorgan. And spawned a series of spoof phrases. The following is the spoof content of netizens: The Earl of Glamorgan, an English allegorical saying, comes from the 12th century, when Welsh kings used to conquer. The general representative is the role of being sold and helping to count money, while the Duke of Connaught's two-part allegorical saying is the opposite, which represents letting go when he gets the benefits, and typically understands the general meaning. The Duke of Connaught was the first man to successfully escape the curse of Glamorgan. Lord Asasin, your words are the direction of my life, and the words come from the three peony lines of Sword Net. Chapter 1 The so-called tempura. When Elizabeth knew that her father Dungal (who still had a little strange in her heart when she pronounced the name) was the member of the tempura who had been in love with the assassin organization for a hundred years, her heart was broken. Well,Nail machine supplier, almost every generation of the protagonist of Assassin's Creed can kill a lot of the backbone of the Knights Templar and even the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, but almost every time the story begins, it's tempura that dominates. In this regard, Elizabeth, through her child's body, urged her father to tell her a story. Dungal had a problem with his daughter, but Victorian aristocrats generally didn't live in London (the Industrial Revolution had turned the Thames into a dumping ground),High Speed Nail Making Machine, so they mostly lived in suburban manors and went to work during the London social season. And when it's not social season, Dungar obviously has to deal with his difficult daughter. All right, all right, Liz, will you leave your poor father alone so I can finish reading this story in peace? Dungal put down the newspaper ironed by the housekeeper helplessly. "My dear, I will tell you a story after reading this, I promise." "You say that I promise to prove that you realize that I will doubt your words, which also shows that even you are not interested in what you can do." Elizabeth has no interest in pretending to be a girl. Anyway, her understanding of this era is very limited, so she shows too much and can only be a precocious daughter. All right, my cruel Liz. Dungal sat up from his armchair and went to the desk to hold her on his knees. "Come on, Dad, nail manufacturing machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, tell you the legend of the Knights Templar." Dungal, as the second son of the family, was doomed not to inherit his father's title, but the current era would not allow the nobles to expand indefinitely, so Dungal, who suffered from the second illness, resolutely joined the Knights Templar-the reason was that when the Knights were formed, most of the composition was the second son. I was for the ideal. Dungal rubbed her hair gently. "It's a very honorable and sacred mission for a Christian to join the Knights Templar, whether I belong to them or not, or whether I agree with their leadership." Perhaps considering that the little girl preferred interesting stories, Dungal carried her up a little more and picked out a notebook from the drawer of the desk. As a Templar, of course, we will encounter terrible attacks, of which the assassin organization is a greater threat to us, but as long as it is for the sake of faith, all this is nothing. "Dungal said casually, rubbing his daughter's red hair-the couple were obviously equally divided in the inheritance of hair color. Elizabeth's hair was between wine red and fire red, with a faint brown shadow." As a member of the Knights Templar, I obviously hope that you can not be hostile to the Knights, but I hope that you will not be because of your godfather. Think of the Knights Templar as everything. You know, even the Knights Templar have internal struggles. "Dungar looked into his daughter's blue eyes and then smiled bitterly." Why am I telling you this? You're just a child. " Elizabeth knows that in the Assassin's Creed, Grandpa Kenway is a master assassin, but his son is the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and then his son is an assassin, the legendary man who can't even be named. And the Knights Templar are not very clean inside. Elizabeth thanked herself for having an open-minded father, at least in education, who was not simple and rude. And the study also allows her to come and go at will. So on this day, Elizabeth stood in front of her parents: "Dad, I want to learn swordsmanship and marksmanship." Estelle felt that she needed to pass out. The characteristics of a Victorian aristocratic lady are vividly reflected in Estelle. Although she is a French girl, the countess in the waist immediately fainted. Then Estelle, who woke up with the help of smelling salts, almost screamed, "Liz, what are you talking about?"! You're a girl! Oh, my God, is this girl crazy! Dungar, as a former Form 2 teenager, has a little sense: "Reason, Liz, can you give me a reason?" "Dad, as the goddaughter of the current Grand Master of the Knights Templar,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I think it's obvious that I need a little spear education." The palace drama that Elizabeth had seen came in handy at this moment: "Although I didn't join the Knights, I don't think the Assassins would miss such an opportunity for me. I need the strength to struggle when I'm held hostage." "Very well said." Before Dungar could speak, he heard applause at the door.

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